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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

There's the obvious knock on effect in the Eu, with the admittance ofRomania and Bulgaria next year.. that of course being economic..
Even in Britain, we are feeling the pinch, with that quintissential British sports car, the JVR, closing it's plant here, and farming the jobs out to plants in Europe..
It is hard to imagine what countries the likes of Germany, France, and Italy will lose, and their economies are already in dire straights..
What will the streets of Paris be like if thousands of workers converge to ptotest the loss of what they thought to be lifetime jobs, taking account of what was done by students earlier this year when they realised they had nothing to look for in the way of jobs when they graduated, and that the fees for what is essentially useless education, at least on this side of the Atlantic, were going to be raised?
With China expanding it's potential exponentially, Russia while still dealing with it's Chechen problem, emerging as a growing world economic force, the value of the American dollar decreasing steadily, the EU is rushing wholeheartedly into bankrupcy..
This world of ours is changing, with ballances of power shifting with the effects of tectonic plates..
There are so many foreign issues for The West and by the West one must include Canada, although that country will not go willingly into deep woreign waters, to contend with, that there will be less and less attention on the Federal level focussed on matters of national importance. The Individual States will have to pick up that burden, and that will mean a definate divide between those that have the tax base, and those who do not..
It's basically the same scenario facing the EU.. with the particular difference being that there will be a central, or federal government, trying to maintain an equitable ballance between individual member states..
Populations are going to shift radically in Europe over the next few years. That's a given..
But industry will take advantage, while it can, of the disparate lifestyles which might be offered the poorer states, while paying wages which are not universally enforced..
One would dispair at the immediate future of this world, while this metamorphosis takes place..
If all the pieces of the puzzle were laid in place, the future would not be a bright thing to contemplate.

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