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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

For the third time in a week, there has been an incident involving fatal shootings in a US school, this time involving the deaths of four Amish girls, all between the ages of 6 and 13..
The details are all accessable through the regular new channels, but one finds it disturbing that in this particular case, it was not a student who precipitated the violence, but a 40 year old man finally expressing a 20 year old grudge.. the exact nature of that motive has yet to be made public..
We've almost become compacent about schoolroom shootings in the States.. they've been going on since 1997 or so.. but it must give one pause when this latest attack targets an Amish school, and particularly young girls. The motnive in this case is of supreme importance in developing a profile of this shooter, and to date, having searched the local Pennsylvanian newspapers, none has been provided. In fact, in many of those publications, the incident has not even been reported..
This speaks to the very heart of the American mindset, and makes one uneasy with such a close alliance with a country which conceals it's inner problems..

Ban Ki-Moon. Not exactly a household name, but this man seems destined to take over as the Secretary General of the United Nations at the end of this year, when Kofi Annan's 10 year stretch comes to an end..
Ban Ki-Moon is the Foreign Secretary for South Korea...
One wonders what Pyongyang's reaction will be..

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