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Monday, October 02, 2006

Tax cuts.. That appears to be the catch-phrase of the Tory right-wing faction, and they want their new leader to outline a program which would see sweeping tax reforms if and when they take power..
The ubiquitous issue could see David loook somewhat at a disadvantage, both to the public, and to his own Party, yet how can an aspiring Prime Minister make promises concerning what will be needed in tax revenue, when he's bound to be Leader of the Opposition for the next three years?
Who has a crystal ball that will tell David what state the economy will be in, in three years time, or what will be needed from the individual to contribute to the continuance of public services?
It is absurd to put the man in such an untenable position.. to ask him to make policy statements, effectively promises, when he's no more clairvoyant than anyone else.
It is an issue that should be left for the actual election campaign, or for a Party Conference in two years time, when the prevailing economic winds are more predictable.
Certainly those who call for a policy statement immediately, are doing their Party little favour, for they tend to make their own leader appear indecisive.. unsure..
With Tony stepping down next year, there is little to go on to make predictions concerning the direction Gordon Brown will take this country for the two years he'll hold the reins..
To ask for a firm committment from David at this point, is a fool's request..
There's an old Yorkshire saying that goes 'tis better to hold one's tongue and be thought a fool, than to speak, and remove all possible doubt...'
The taxation issue will become a topic for hot debate certainly, but now's not the time, and this particular Conference, not the place..

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