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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Interesting to note..
The report mentioned in the preceeding entry was compiled by Sir Nicholas Stern.. an economist.. The focus was not on the environmental effects of global warming, per se.. but on the economic impact the phenomina will have on the global GNP..
Apparently, at this hour, a copy of this report has not even reached the White House, much less been digested or evaluated..
One would think that with mid-term elections within just over a week's time, a report of such impact would be of prime concern to the Republican Party.. it's already been shown, by actions taken in California by Arnold, that comprehensive legislation against carbon emitters, would only raise esteem, in the eyes of the American man on the street, for the Party willing to take a hard line.. Arnold's gained 15% in the polls by his stance..
But what this does speak of, is the probable reluctance of the Federal Government to disturb it's main contributors by announcing plans the likes of those stated by Tony, who's set a 60% reduction on emissions over a 50 year period..
A good plan, but as to whether we have that time is moot..
Not to have even recieved this report, is something that one finds hard to fathom. One might even go so far as to say that this is simple disinformation. Perhaps George's speechwriters are still trying to phrase an announcement that will appease the populace, while keeping industry content.
Such obfuscation can only be interpreted as deliberate, and as such, a subject deserving of some concern.
The US contributes 25% of carbon emissions. It's a touchy subject, one which will affect the finances of whichever Party demands immediate action.
Again, one can only re-state the difficulties facing all of us, in forcing our politicians to make draconian stances..
There's little the common man can do to alleviate this problem, other than by chosing politicians who do make a stand.. and finding them might prove a difficult task..
Little has been done so far, according to the Stern Report. We can only wonder what actions those we elect will really take..
As far as the US is concerned, a willingness to sign the Kyoto Accord would be a positive start..
But again... money plays a huge role in what legislation is passed, or delayed, or discarded entirely.
And this is 'democracy' at work..

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