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Thursday, December 14, 2006

An amazing day for the British political scene..
Firstly, Tony has become the first Prime Minister questioned, under caution, by the police..
And secondly, the Attourney General Lord Goldsmith has announced an abrupt end to a Serious Fraud Investigation into arms deals between British Aerospace and Saudi Arabia.. with no conclusions reached, and no report to be prepared, much less presented to Parliament or to the public at large.. The reason given for the ending of this investigation, is National Security.
What transparent tripe.
Seems the fraud investigators working in a department set up by this very government, have been told if they want to investigate any dodgy dealings, let it be dealing with any country other than Saudi Arabia..
Tony, by the way, was questioned about a dash for cash before this last election, when the Labour war chest went from empty, to wallowing in £20 million in a matter of a month, due to donations from 5 Labour supporters, who have since been given seats in the House of Lords.. The allegation was 'cash for Peerages'.. Serious stuff..
This investigation will continue, and is not what Tony wants to cap off his term as Prime Minister..
As for the fraud investigation, it seems the Rule Of Law in this country is flexible.. that while it has been suspected there have been bribes passing between Whitehall and King Abdullah's treasury since the 60's, to ensure a steady market for British arms manufacturers..
Lord Goldsmith also told peers that Tony had agreed that the continuation of the investigation would cause "serious damage" to relations between the UK and Saudi Arabia.
The probe had related to the Al Yamamah arms deal with Saudi Arabia. BAE has denied any wrongdoing.

Not surprising, that..
One can only wonder, what the government can possibly do to top todays events, tomorrow..
We await, with 'bated breath..

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