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Friday, December 22, 2006

Just a brief note for the now..
Seems, for the moment, Tony's blockers are doing their jobs.. keeping the media involved with the Suffolk murders, and various fillers, and ignoring any in depth questioning or analysis of last week's blockbuster.. the questioning of Tony, under caution, in the 'cash for Peerage' scandal.. And, Tony's announcement that regardless of country of origin, those who come to Britain will be British first, with their ethnicity to take a definate backseat..

The other two issues have their certain importance, but this last has been expertly buried..
And the dropping of the Serious Fraud Investigation concerning a deal between BAE and the Saudi's, on what Tony claimed was 'in the interests of National Security'..
Saying .. in effect.. bugger the Rule of Law.. any democratic cornerstone is in reality just applicable in most cases.. subject to expediency..
Hypocracy in politics..? Say it ain't so Joe..
Tony's place is dependent on the outcome of this current fracas in the Middle East, and some settlement of the Palistinian problem..
But he's sold his soul to the Saudi's in this deal..
And then begs the question.. can the Saudi's be trusted?
One has one's doubts.. Tony's building on sand..

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