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Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's a difficult matter, guaging the thoughts of the man on the street to the BAE question, for it's diffucult to guage exactly how much information the individual has absorbed..
But the fact remains, that British Rule Of Law has been compromised.. and it has been heavily underscored that we live not in a democracy, but an oligarchy.. That there is one set of rules for small concerns, and an entirely different set for those which are worth £billions..
Campaigners are threatening legal action against the British government after investigators dropped a probe into a series of arms deals with Saudi Arabia.
The Campaign Against the Arms Trade and Corner House labelled BAE Systems, the firm accused of corruption, as bullies.
Typical British understatement..
BAE strongly denies wrongdoing.
Attorney General Lord Goldsmith said he felt the Serious Fraud Office inquiry would not have led to a prosecution.
SFO head Robert Wardle said he had "a different view" to Lord Goldsmith... insisting "There is no guarantee that charges will be brought until you've completed an investigation.."

Liberal Democrat peer Lord Lester said Britain had to move quickly to change the law to stop political interference in corruption investigations.
"British Aerospace are an enormously powerful body, more powerful than many governments..What is so serious here is that the rule of law is threatened and the reputation of the office of attorney general when there is outside political interference of this kind."
Explaining why his group was taking legal action, Nicholas Gilby from Campaign Against the Arms Trade said the SFO should have been allowed to complete its inquiries. It is fact that the Suaudi's were somewhat annoyed at this investigation.. that if it had continued, the contract with BAE might well have been cancelled and given to a French concern.. but to class financial agreements as 'matters of State Security' sets another bell ringing..

That Britain does not want to offend the Saudi's, they being out so called 'allies' in the Middle East..
The fact the Fahd, and Abdullah after him, have been funding terrorists, seems to be an acceptable compromise for our governments, as long as the oil keeps flowing, and the supplying of arms kept within reasonable limits..
This is blatent breach of the government's mandate, the cessation of this investigation.. and Tony has taken a step too far in defining his own, and his government's priorities..
'Peace in the Middle East' is suspiciously like 'peace at all costs'..

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