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Friday, December 08, 2006

BarneyCam.. We've got the Queen's Christmas message.. but it's George talking to his dog for the US.
Interesting comments from Tony this afternoon. He's taken a stance against the polarisation of British society.. saying that while immigrants from all cultures are welcome to this island, it must be understood that it's Britain they're coming to, and a British way of life. That while individual cultures have the right to their own peculiarities, British values must superceed ethnicity.. that extremists who would change British traditional values in the name of 'progressive intigration' will not be tolerated..
Good on ya Tony. It's amazing the stands you have the fredom to take, when you know when you'll be stepping away from the job.
It's a good stance, but it's going to cause problems. But then, they'll be someone else's to deal with in a few months..
To quote a BBC article..

"Multi-culturalism in Britain has failed and should be replaced with a policy aiming for integration, researchers have concluded. A study carried out by experts from the University of Leicester found people taken out of the "comfort zones" of their own communities integrated well.
Researchers put on a series of events including an Indian musical in a white working men's club.
A group of Pakistani women also put on an exhibition in a mainly Indian area.
Co-author of the report, Asaf Hussain, said: "We believe multi-culturalism has failed.
"It was a concept and a social re-engineering policy with the best of intentions, but with little debate at the grass roots. Britain's population has to become integrated."
The report also recommended putting citizenship on the National Curriculum and removing the link between country and religion so that British Muslim would become British Indian or British Pakistani.
Race relations expert Professor John Benyon from the University of Leicester said: "Rather than adopting knee-jerk reactions in terms of legislation, I feel the government should be taking a more considered approach."

To change the point .
It has been written many times that if we truely wanted to speed up the process of eliminating terrorism originating from and funded by the Middle East, we would cut economic ties.. stop buying their oil..
Now not wanting to appear naive, it is to be understood that we, by doing this, would be putting ourselves in an economic bind.. that countries the likes of Saudi Arabia put litterally billions back into particularly the British economy.. companies such as BAE alone would lose some 23 billion pounds in one contract.. that for 26 of their new fighter jets..
That in itself is somewhat ironic.. that we should be selling our latest technology to those who are at the top of the list of possible threats..
But never the less, that which we suffer, would only be a drop in the bucket, compared with what the Middle East stands to lose.. and if it means that Western business has to find a new market for the tools of war, let it be elsewhere, and preferably to an ally..
For it remains a fact, that since the Islamic world began expanding, there have been those who wield incredible power, yearn for one thing and one thing only. That being an United Islamic World, under a new Caliphate, and some of those behind those veils, are both influential, and incredibly wealthy..
It's difficult for those in our society, this western world of ours where computers, televisions, instant communication.. where if something stops working, we simply scrap it and buy another.. to imagine the Eastern mind. They think in terms of generations.
Where we have no patience, they rely on their ability to wait until the time is most advantageous. Where we have a approach.. a lets get on with it attitude.. they obfuscate, and it's an artform to them..
We should never underestimate that which we don't fully understand.

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