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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Religion.. at least Christianity, has appeared to have taken the back seat to Islam these past couple of years..
But there has been trouble brewing within the ranks of the Anglican Church since the ordination of Gene Robinson, a declared homosexual, as Bishop of New Hampshire.. and the British equivalent, Jeffrey John, the gay cleric who last year was forced to step down as Bishop of Reading, who was later installed as Dean of St Albans to the resounding applause of many Anglicans, but the deep disquiet of others.
Following Robinson's appointment as the Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003, traditionalists in Africa and Asia, who make up the majority of Anglicans, called for the Episcopal Church to be expelled from the Anglican communion.
That has not taken place.. but there is an uneasy truce.
The fact that two American congregations are now considering aligning themselves with the Archbishop of Nigeria, Peter Akinola, shows that it remains an issue for some within the Episcopal Church.

Here in Britain, we have the largest percentage of all countries declaring themselves as Anglican.. some 26 million according to the last census.. mind you the Church claims only about 2.3 million actually are active in their faith..
But the Archbishop of Canterbury says the Anglican Church could be split into different sections in a bid to resolve the row over homosexuality.. Dr Rowan Williams favours exploring a system of "associated" Churches which would not have the same constitution as the rest of the Anglican Communion...
A schism, non the less..
Now, this writer could truely care less what sexual preference anyone might enjoy.. barring those which involve children, and it seems, during these trying times there are far more important issues our spiritual leaders could be involving themselves with..
There are only two stances the Church can take on this homosexual issue.. the fundamentalists who take the Bible a the inspired word of God, must confom to Leviticus,Ch.18v22.. and Romans Ch.1v27..
The more liberally incluned congregations can put whatever spin they wish on it..
But the imperative is, that they get on with it, and turn their attentions to the needs of their parishoners, rather than concentrating on exegetical argument..
One of Islam's advantages, is it's unity of faith in the eventual establishment of a worldwide faith under a Caliphate..
It's of little wonder Christians are abandoning organised religious observations, when those in charge of their faith are threatening to destroy their 'unity' over an issue which should be left to the individual, and behind bedroom doors..

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