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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A brief note here..
European countries the likes of France, Germany, Britain, have been seeing industry shift it's production, and it's Home Offices, to the newer members of the EU for years now. It's a trend that this economy has started to adapt to.
But one wonders, what will be the reaction, of this phenomina hitting the United States?
The Benz Company merged with Chryster some three years ago. A 'mering of equals' it was billed as..
But now, Benz has announced it's firm intention of dissolving that partnership, and wants some other financial concern to buy it out.
Now there is money, albeing perhaps somewhat suspect in origin, in the newer EU countries, and while there has been interest expressed by one American company, it would not be surprising to see some attention paid to an acquisition such as this, by say Russia, or Romania..
And this would mean that Chrysler, an icon of the American car industry, could move much of it's production out of the US, resulting in the loss of American jobs..
This also raises the question, whether the American Government itself would allow such a kick in the backside to American pride, and would not consider stepping in itself..
Interesting possibilities.. for even if an American company does buy Chrysler back.. one must ask how much government money will go into the back pocket of any such concern...?
It's the ecological and financial problems that are facing Chrysler away from Benz.. Chrysler produces some real gass-guzzlers.. 4X4's.. not only expensive, but ecologically unpopular..
More than three years ago, this missive suggested that the only action that would save the American auto industry, would be the realisation that cash had to be spent, at that time, towards re-tooling for production of hybrid, or electric cars. That technology already available at that time should be utilised, slowly exposing the American public to the facts of the matter, that the internal combustion engine is killing our wallets, and indeed, us.
Toyota has done it. While as yet only a prototype, they have a car they can mass produce, a hybrid, that is far more efficient, and cheaper to run, than anything on the road today. They believe it will sell, and sell big.
It's time for a loud wakeup call for the American car industry.
Spend the money.
Spend it now.

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