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Monday, March 12, 2007

'The European Constitution'..
'The Berlin Protocol'..
Now what is to addressed, and is actually the salient cause for concern, is the passing of an EU Bill, which would, albeit under a different name, be a Constitution..
Now this would fly in the face of any suggestion that the EU is a democratic union, for it would bypass the rejection of the Constitution by the Dutch, the Swedish, et al.. who voted against the agreement in national referendae..
It also begs the question, when will we in Britain have the question put to us..?
Before Tony leaves, which is exceedingly doubtfull, or when Gordon Brown, who's a confirmed Europhile, takes power until the next election..?
It is a cause for some concern indeed.. this possibility of a 'constitution under another name' being passed by EU Parliamentary Members, without the approval of the populations of the represented countries..

Yet another issue which has been raised here, are the separate 'Green Plans' by the Conservatives and Labour.
While The Tories want the agreement reached at the recent Paris Summit implemented on a yearly basis here in Britain.. Labour is insisting that the entire 20 year target be examined under that 20 year term.
Tony's justification for this approach, is that should carbon emissions be judged on a yearly basis in this country, it would adversely affect British industry.. that by putting 'carbon pricing' into effect immediately, we would price our products out of the market, as they became less and less competitive with those same products produced by those countries with no such plan in effect..
It has been mentioned, that while there is an UN Environmental Meeting planned for December this year.. there is no guarantee that the US will sign up to it, and the US produced, as has been mentioned several times before, 25% of all emissions released into our atmosphere..
Close behind are China and India, with China exempt from any restrictions whatsoever, due to it's being classed as a 'developing nation'.
Taking all of this political waffling, and simplifying it, would leave us with the bottom line that regardless of what action we in Britain might make, we will have little or no impact on the overall picture.
That it will take the passing along of Western technology, and Western innovation, hithertofore protected by Patent Law, to those countries most likely to need it.
And it will take the US itself starting to use these innovative measures itself, through legislative enforcement.
It would seem that there are indications that California, alone and as a State, may seek representation at these forthcoming meetings, and would agree to global targets. And being that California itself, having the sixth or seventh largest economy in the world, could act as an incentive for the rest of that Republic to follow suit.
However, States the likes of Michigan and Pennsylvania might use their considerable clout and their lobby groups, to block any national agreement, for the sake of their particular economies, and the cost which would be incurred in re-tooling, and reoriganisation throughout their industrial concerns..
And then there is India, and Russia, and never to be underestimated, China..
It would seem, that we, as individuals throughout the world, have little choice but to accept the fact, that business and profit.. that improvement of standard of living for those who've lagged behind for decades, if not centuries, will take precidence over any movement towards reversing the change in our overall ecology.
It is not a rock and a hard place, for that at least implies choice.
We, as individuals, have no choice whatsoever.. We must simply stand and watch, as our ecostructure changes.

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