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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Our Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, has called on all other contenders for the PM's job to get out of Gordon's way, and withdraw..
Her reasoning for having Gordon run unopposed..? That he not have to spend time being concerned about peccadillos, with so much else on the plate of the man who takes Tonys place..
Excellent reasoning..
Just for the record, it was mentioned a couple of days ago, that it would not even be necissary to give the names of those others running.. At that time there were two, but soon there might be three..
And they are, a former Minister, Michael Meacher, and MP John McDonnell. They may well soon be joined by the Environment Minister, David Millibrand, who's had the endorsement of former Home Secretary Charles Clarke.
Mind you, an endorsement from Charles is not quite what one might want.. he left office following a scandal, and left the Home Office itself in utter shambles..
However, the leadership campaign trail may not be as smooth for Gordon as first expected..
Although while there is little doubt he will be the next PM, the amount of support his opposition gets will be a good indicator of the depth of the splits within the Labour Party itself...
Something for Gordon to ponder, after all these allegations of 'Stalinist attitudes and techniques'..
To face appeasing both the Civil Service, and his own splintering Party, while maintaining foreign and domestic matters which are frankly in crisis, may prove too much for the dour Scotsman.
This will prove more interesting than thought, at first..

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