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Sunday, March 25, 2007

It would appear, that when Gordon takes over as PM, that the man to take his place in No.11 will be Jack Straw.
Now Jack has an impressive dossier, and has a grip on foreign affairs that one seems to see lacking in Gordon, so it would appear to be a good match.
But, Jack and Gordon have disagreed in the past, with some vitriol being tossed about.. over the NHS when Jack was the Home Minister.. over spending on Iraq, when Jack was Foreign Minister..
But there's nobody who can claim that Jack hasn't been around the block..

Iran has, as expected, announced that the 15 British Navy servicemen who are now in custody in Tehran, have 'admitted' they were in Iranian waters illegally. Of course they have.
A gun to one's head, will prompt just about anyone to say anything..
More, of course, to come on this..

And the UN Security Council did decide to hold their vote today, and have passed sanctions against the Iranians, which amount to an embargo on Iranian arms sales, and the freezing of some Iranian assets abroad..
This will quickly, and with an effect greatly exaggerated, have an effect on the Iranian man on the street. Ahmadenejad's government will see to that, and of course, will lay the blame for any shortfalls in market goods, at the feet of the West.
It's a fine line the Iranian President is walking..

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