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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A demonstration of the waning powers Tony wields among his own Party..
While his Bill, which will refurbish and increase our arsenal of nuclear Trident missiles, did pass through the House, it was only with the support of the Tory Party, which voted unanimously in favour of the measure..
93 of Tony's Members voted against him..
4 Cabinet Ministers have resigned their posts over this issue.
Now, this is the time Gordon's sitting back, gauging the tenor of those he might call upon to fill 'his' Cabinet posts.. remember at all times, that he is a Europhile, and the strongest military in Europe, is a high card at the diplomatic poker game..
With our construction of five new aircraft carriers, three new destroyers, and now the upgrading of our nuclear capabilities.. Britain could be played as the best equiped to become the 'US' of the 'EU'.. and one wonders if indeed, that is a role we could, or should, assume..
It's interesting, that for the first time in literally years, the MOD has invested in television commercials.. both for the Territorial Army, or the Reserves.. but also for those looking for a carreer in the Regs..
Glamourising the possibility of having both the physical and mental capabilities to be a member of todays 'The Few'.. and emphasising the pay.. and the training..
It's always been a popular opinion, at least among those of a certain age, that a term in the Army, or the Forces if you will, would do wonders to straighten out today's youth.. that it will instill a sense of discipline, and the necessity of teamwork..
And while that training is available, and always has been.. it's only that over the past couple of years, as previously mentioned, that we are actually seeing a 'push', if you will, by the Forces to recruit, and they seem to be aiming at those who might feel they have no future..
And they appear to be having some success..
It's almost the modern day equivalent to a 'Press Gang'.. minus of course the cudgels..

But back to Tony and his defeat.. for indeed, it was just that, on a personal level.
It now demonstrates to the man, that he is losing the trust of his Party.. that there is suspicion, that he will try as hard as possible, to push as much as possibe, through as quickly as possible, to ensure he has a place at least in history, as a Prime Minister who tried.
There's also a growing conviction that Tony is laying the groundwork for scenario's.. for international situations, that will literally take decades and odds are a couple more elections, to settle..
This, to a large extent, he has already done. But there remains the question of how, once he is gone, will Gordon maintain the carefully constructed relationship with the US.. and the equally precariously ballanced relations with the EU..?
And should the government change hands come the next elections, what will the Tories be faced with.. ?
The possibility of having to untangle a skein of Gordon's making, that has US trade agreements, US self-protection agreements.. US placement agreements.. completely entwined with what could be completely and diamentrically opposing agreements with France, Germany and Italy..
And of course, the continuing, ubiquitous, 'War On Terror'.. But we'll leave Afghanistan alone for the now..
It has to be understood by this present government,and any which might follow for some years to come, that any Diplomatic efforts exerted by all nations attempting to tease Iran into lessening it's moves towards nuclear capabilities, will only result in delays, and delays, and more delays, while Iran moves into the next stage, the purchase of long and medium range missiles..
And Akhmadenejad will smile with Chavez of Venezuela, and call the US 'devils', and continue to rail for the 'utter destruction of the States of Israel'.. and Chavez will continue to follow George around South America.. to Columbia, Uruguay, Panama.. to contradict any earlier statements made by America and the incumbent Presidents..
And Pyongyang will continue to offer small concessions to UN Inspectors.. releasing more and more of the trade embargo's against them..
All of these problems will be inherited by whomever takes power both in Britain, and the US, and even the EU.. It will be chaos while diplomatic positions are worked out.. while concessions are agreed upon.. while the dust settles..
The next 19 months are going to be very interesting indeed..
And if all that was not enough..
We have several of China's bordering countries concerned with the buildup of the Chinese Armed Forces from something practically non-existant, to something that in the not too distant future, that will be something to be reconsidered..
And the EU's bordering on allowing Turkey into the Union.. and that puts both Asian and European politics and policies to the job of reconcilling, while China watches.
Interesting times..
Economies are in for a long period of instability.. as the politcal status quo comes to an end..

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