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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Point to keep in mind.
China is still classed as a 'developing nation', and as such there is no limit set on it's carbon emissions..
Yet, and some in China itself are blaming climate change, China's southwestern province if Sichuan is facing a severe water-shortage, as drought has left some 6 million livestock, and half a million hectares of land affected. The Chinese governent has been forced to ship suppies of fresh water into this area, to keep it's agriculture viable.
This is not a new problem, last year Sichuan and neighbouring Chongqing Provinces were hit with similar weather, and other parts of the country are facing the same abnormal weather conditions, producing stunted crops and resultant poor harvests.
Now this in itself, is an indication that China should be working on something other than carbon based fuels.
But rather, China has struck up major deals with Burma, in that case in exchange for hard cash, and the Sudan, in that case for oil, to pay for military arms.
Now these Chinese weapons are not 'state of the art'.. they often fail, but they're comparitively cheap, which makes them especially attractive to countries with limited budgets, but wars to be fought.
There is some concern that Chinese weapons, bought with the bulk of the Sudanese oil output, may have or may be used currently, in Darfur..
There has been some international debate, concerning the alleged sale of Chinese long-range missiles to countries the likes of Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea, there has been until recently, little or no attention paid to the small-arms trade..
In the case of Burma, China has been the main supplier of that country's army since the 1990's, and indeed, it's questionable whether of not the Burmese Army could operate without Chinese weaponry..
Now, herein lies the problem, internationally.
China is dealing in arms, with countries that have either UN, American, British, or a combination of all three, sanctions against the sale of arms..
And while the West doesn't really want to stir up a hornets nest un-necissarily, for as mentioned before, these Chinese arms are not of the highest quality, it does raise questions about China's commitment to UN policy. China is one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council, and has voted itself on imposing some of the sanctions it is breaking..
There is much to be said for the cultivation of good relations with this huge power, but to what extent can we allow the boundaries to be over-stepped?
One must wonder..

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