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Monday, July 09, 2007

Confirmation from the head of the American Forces in Iraq.. Lt.General David Petraeus.. that the undertaking they've taken on, is one which will take 'decades' to effect..
Now, perhaps had this assessment been made two, perhaps three years ago, it might have saved Georges bacon.. But, with control of both Houses with the Democrats, big defence spending bills, and the issue of increasing the American presence on the ground.. George is fighting a lost cause..
The American public want their boys home.. and regardless of the political implications of yet another American withdrawal from Iraq, before stability is realised, they will have them home..
The complexion of the Middle East is about to radically change, and even the outrage of 911 had to die down, on a national level, eventually..
Now, whether we'll see a UN presence finally in place.. whether the British will be left to mop up the mess the best they can within their sphere of influence..
It really makes little difference..
It will demonstrate to those who preach the Hard-Line.. that the 'West' can be beaten.. that the countries they despise, lack in heart and commitment..
Worse than an exercise in futility..
If this is not seen to some successfull conclusion.. regardless of the cost or timeframe.. the international clout lost, would be irreparable..

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