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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Interest rates haven't been this high in 6 years..
The Bank of England raised it trend-setting rate to 5.75%, in an effort to curb inflation..
Now, the main cause of the unprecidented rise in the rate of inflation, was fuelled almost completely by the housing market.. prices reaching unprecidented heights throughout the Isand and Northern Ireland..
Yet there have been those who have managed to get their foot on the property ladder, and it's these people who will feel the effects of this rise..
Those on floating morgage rates will be paying abywhere from £16 to £125 more a month.. an increase some are going to find difficult to handle..
It has been mentioned before here, that there is a good possibility that the Banks will soon be the primary owners of residential property in Britain..
Especially since forecasts indicate that rates could be at 6.5% by next Spring.. 6.0% by this Fall..

More idiocy by militants.. this time in Nigeria where a 3 year old British girl has been kidnapped.. taken while she was being taken to her day care centre..
The Foreign Office has demanded the immediate release of the child.. but once again, the problem remains defining which particular faction has carried this act out..
This abduction follows the taking of five British oil workers Wednesday..
Her father is an ex-pat worker.. who's been in the country for ten years. The mother of the child is Nigerian..
there have been 33 kidnappings in Nigeria over this year.. almost all of them for ransom.. And there have been reports the father of the girl has been contacted..
But a three year old girl..?
Are there no lines that won't be crossed..?

And.. the British Muslim Community has moved exceedingly quickly..
It is leading a new campaign condemning the recent attempted car bomb attacks in London and Glasgow.
The campaign, titled "Not in Our Name", will be launched across the UK with adverts in newspapers.
It emphasises "the Muslim community's rejection of any attempts to link any such criminal attacks to the teachings of Islam", organisers said.
Muslims from various professions have backed the campaign, including doctors.
The advert, accredited to "Muslims United", also carries a quotation from Koran reading:
"Whoever kills an innocent soul, it is as if he killed the whole of mankind.
And whoever saves one, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind."
Education.. and training for not just the Muslim 'disillusioned youth'.. but British 'disillusioned youth' in general..
This is a process that will literally take years to achieve any degree of success, but it is a direction we must steer ourselves towards..
'Pride' is perhaps the most difficult emotion to reawake in a nation.. in an individual..
But it is an absolute necessity.
Not 'hubris'.. not the development of the need to 'lord' it over others..
But a sense of contentment in the job one has done.. that which has been earned.. that which one has achieved..
It will take years.. but the process must start somewhere..

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