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Thursday, July 19, 2007

A number of points this morning..
We'll start with the admission of the admission from Jaqui Smith, the Home Secretary, that she had smoked cannabis back in the 80's.. Now Gordon has said, that MP's personal lives, especially when it went as far back as their University years, was their own business.. and frankly, the use of the drug obviously didn't impare Jaqui's advancement, or compromise her ability to think coherently..
It is a fact, that we of the 60's, 70's and 80's, likely the majority of us, have used or still do use cannabis as the recreational drug of choice. There are several reasons.. it's far less harmfull to one's physiology than alcohol.. it's much easier to do without, in that it is not addictive in those who are not already prone to an addictive personality.. and it does not lead to a habit for those whom Old Spice can, and is, a viable replacement for the 'drink' when the cash runs low..
And perhaps most telling, is the role our old friend Harry Anslinger had on the vilification of the drug from the 30's through the 60's, when he was the Head of the American Drug Administration. Reading his justification for his stance, is reading a litany of racial stereotypes, and condemnation of those who used, to be politically correct, a 'black' drug..
If we were truely concerned about controling those recreational drugs our various societies use, it would seem to make sense that topping the list of 'dangerous drugs', would be alcohol.
But, money talks.. and we all know what walks..

Now, the Russian response to Britain's expulsion of the 4 Russian Diplomats from Britain in response to the refusal of Russia to extradite a man wanted here, as a suspect in the murder of Andre Litvenyenko in late 2006, is expected early this afternoon..
But again, the Kremlin has held back from a knee-jerk reaction for several reasons.. not the least the trade agreements and dependancies which have been established with the EU and Britain itself..
It will be interesting to see, how moderate Vlad will be with his reponse.. whether he wants an escallation of the 'Cool War'.. or whether he yearns more for Western money..
More this afternoon..

And.. today Tony will have his first shot at trying to do something about the Gaza problem, in his official capacity as Middle East Envoy..
This job is immense in it's complexity, and it's going to take perhaps more out of Tony than all his years as British Prime Minister. His is now the task of separating, and learning the particular deviations in faith of all the separate and disparate groups within the Islamic Community. He's going to have to try and reconcile Hammas, which by the way has driven Gaza to the brink of bankruptcy since taking over their part of their 'country'.. with Fatah, which seems to be doing quite well on the West Bank..
He will have to deal mano a mano with tribal leaders, each with their traditional differences and animosities, and do his best to settle the small differences, before he tackles the 'big ones'..
And then, he'll have to develop the patience to deal with watching any hard-fought agreement fall apart over the slightest disagreements between the tribal leaders..
It is a job that is in effect, requires the restructuring of an entire society, with a long long history of intractable 'pride' in one's particular affiliation, and 'distain' for any who do not belong to their particular Tribe.
Look for Tony to lose more hair.. not the least from tearing it out of his own scalp in utter frustration..
But, also, there is the chance that even though Tony's a known ally of Israel, he might be the man who can convince those involved in this conflict to see the advantages of a flexible societal structure.. One which includes, indeed, revolves around concession and mutual acceptance..
One wishes Tony the very best of 'British Luck'..
He's going to need it, along with the complete support of those nations who have embraced a change from tribalism, to a coherent society..
Money will be at the core of this.. the carrot so to speak..
As well as the very real temptation for the Islamic World, to enter the worldwide group of those who have resolved their problems..
For once that has been established, their push towards the acceptance of Islam by the rest of this world, might meet less resistance..
But the Islamic Heiarchy must lead the way, and must make the same commitment as that which has been pledged by the British Islamic Council..
Rather than inciting their impressionable youth to blow themselves up, a move must be made towards tolerance, and the ambition of a worldwide Caliphate shelved..
At least for the time being..

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