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Monday, July 09, 2007

Now, this could be compelling reading for those interested in what went on behind the closed doors of Tony's administration..
Alastair Campbell, Tony's closest aide and advisor, will release his published diaries later this morning.. and it promises to be interesting, to say the least..
Campbell speaks of the days leading up to Tony's decision to take us to war..
He specifically mentions the 'sucicide' of Dr. David Kelly, and the vindication of the Prime Minister by the Hutton Report..
You might recall Dr Kelly was the man who was 'outed' by the government, as the source of 'leaked documents' which proved government reports assessing Iraq's readiness for nuclear war were 'sexed up'..
Dr.Kelly wrote, in emails to friends hours before he was found, dead by his own hand apparently, about 'dark actors' in Whitehall..
Campbell's book will stir some mud..
And some of those involved, are still sitting in Parliament.. some of them are running the country..
Interesting, what spin will be put on this by Gordon..

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