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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Might be worth mentioning this early morning, that the refusal of Russia to allow the extradition of Andre Lugavoy, the prime suspect in the murder of former KGB officer Andre Litvenyenko in Britain in November 2006, has led to the expulsion of 4 Russian Diplomats from Britain..
Vlad is not happy, and said 'this will not go unanswered'.. or words to that effect..
So, what is expected is that a gaggle of British Diplomats will be sent home from Moscow later today..
There has been much talk of the development of what might be called a 'Cool War' between the West and Russia..
Vlad is not happy at the 'Westernisation' of his country.. he, as have all his predesessors, does not want the de-centralisation process to go too far..
Watch for rapid development of this issue..
And remember.. how much Russian gas Europe has become dependent upon..

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