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Monday, July 16, 2007

There's not been much out of the ordinary over these past few days..
Gordon made his first appearance at this morning's Stormont meetings, the annual summit involving the leaders of those in charge of the various legislatures of the countries making up the Union, along with Bertie Ahearn.. the Teasach of the Irish Republic..
Not much of any importance.. Ian Paisley and his vice, Martin McGuinness made a statement of solidarity.. with Gordon implying the £2.5 in aid allocated for Northern Ireland depends on their forging a working relationship..
Seems to be working..

But what is worthy of note, is that the $American opened this morning in Lonson at $2.03 to the Pound Sterling..
This devaluation of the American dollar is a trend to be watched closely.. The US Treasury is allowing the slip 'in an effort to curb inflation'.. and that's precisely the rhetoric used by the Bank of England when it raised the Prime to 5.25%, much to the dismay of many of those who had floating mortages on first time ventures into the property market..
It's expected that our Prime Rate will be 6% by Christmas..
The Pound is being over-valued, as is the Euro.. for while Britain may well have the healthiest economy in Europe at the moment.. all economies in the West are balanced precariously on the scales of GNP v Trade Imbalance, and debt to the World Bank..
At this point, whether the British or the American man on the street understands it, neither country can afford to lessen their foreign efforts.. their wars must continue to keep those working, who's product is entirely desposable..
It's a deep hole..

On a somewhat lighter note, one must ask those unfamiliar with the Conservative MP Boris Johnson, to Google the name..
Boris is, one would argue, an absolute genius.. has a work ethic which includes being the Editor in Chief of 'The New Statesman', a political magazine.. publishing books as fast as he can pump them out.. and being a longstanding MP for a London consituency..
Boris has thrown his hat in the ring as a candidate for Mayor of London..
Now, this man, in a way, seems to typify the worldwide view of the eccentric Englishman..
Some of his quotes would keep you chuckling for quite a while..

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