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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A somewhat disturbing motion is likely going to be passed through the House of Commons in the very near future.. likely before it rises for the Summer..
It will provide for the detention of 'terrorist' suspects for 56 days, without charge.. and these 'prisoners' will be held in such centers the likes of Belmarsh.. a somewhat unpleasant place at the best of times..
Effectively, what Parliament is going is removing one of the basic tenets of British jurisprudence.. the concept that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty..
It is a fact of life these days, that there are factions that would cause as much disruption to our society and it's infrastructure as possible, and who would kill innocents in the name of their 'cause'.. But to remove what amount to civil rights through legislation that appears to target a specific group within our society, is only going to cause a kneejerk reaction from those who might have a predeliction towards taking up arms against what they percieve as 'opression'..
As previously mentioned, Britain has an Islamic population of over two million.. and some two thousand are thought to be possible 'security risks'..
We might be well to recall the old saw.. about 'throwing out the baby with the bathwater..'

In a move which might well be seen as historic, the two Arab Islamic countries who do have ties with Israel, have gone to Jerusalem to 'extend the hand of peace'..
The foreign ministers from Egypt and Jordan visited to present a plan backed by the Arab League, which, in itself, has no diplomatic ties with Israel.
The proposal envisages the recognition of Israel if it leaves occupied Palestinian land.
Israel's prime minister has said the Arab idea contains positive elements..
"We are extending a hand of peace on behalf of the whole region to you, and we hope that we will be able to create the momentum needed to resume fruitful and productive negotiations," said Jordan's Abdulelah Khatib..
Mr Khatib and Egypt's Ahmed Aboul Gheit are presenting a long-standing Arab League initiative that was readopted at a meeting in Saudi Arabia recently..
The initiative offers Israel normal ties with all Arab states in return for a full Israeli withdrawal from territory it occupied in 1967, the creation of a Palestinian state and a solution to the Palestinian refugee problem.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said there was "a chance in the near future for the process to ripen into talks that would, in effect, deal with the stages of establishing a Palestinian state"..
Yesterday, the Israeli 'Haaretz' newspaper said Israel was considering an "an agreement of principles" with Palestinians that could establish a Palestinian state on 90% of occupied territory.. the paper also said Israel would propose a tunnel linking the West Bank and Gaza, while there would also be a territorial exchange allowing Israel to keep its main Jewish settlements..
And other moves, King Abdullah of Jordan met George at a private dinner in Washington..and Tony continued his tour of the region with visits toBahrain and Abu Dhabi..
It might be said, that perhaps Tony's mandate from the 'Group of Four' who sent him, has started a ball rolling..
If the eyes of the world could be taken off the Middle East for a while, then certain other pressing problems could be addressed..
However, there is always the sticking point of Iran, The Ayatollah Khameini, and Ahmadenejad to be considered. For while they may have well dropped out of the news, since the taking of the British hostages on the Sha'at al Arab, one can be sure they're still in power, and still working towards nuclear capabilities..
However, one problem at a time..

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