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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ben Ali in Tunisia, anw Hosni Mubrarak in Egypt.. What's next for North Africa..?
Not that much attention is paid to that part of the world, at least those who don't provide those photo's for African support.. Yet look at the price of cocoa these days because the military leader in charge has stopped all exports of the bean.. It's all part of a plan to diminish the rebels flow of cash.
No idea if it's working, but when that chocolate bar costs close to £ can at least, be understood..

That and of course, inflation. Last reported at a revised 5%..
And unemployment at 20%.. that figured reached by benefit records and does not include those who're relying on family, or going from friend, outside the system. There's a growing number of those who can't, or won't deal with the bureaucracy of getting government help..
We seem to have bred another 'Lost Generation'..
That's not even pessimism, but observation..

On a somewhat brighter note, Baracks State of the Union Address was perhaps the most uninspiring speeches heard of late. It seemed seems 'Yes We Can' has turned to 'Yes We Can, And To Do Less Would Be Unpatriotic'..

More later..

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