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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There are times the information we ingest on a daily basis, is overwhelming, especially if one's purpose is to leave a personal view of the world.. It has been some time since the last entry, and some greater time between that, and the one before.. but time has reestablished itself in the order of things, and much is to be commented on..
Barak's increasing unpopularity for one..Having spent more than a year in office, some of his austerity programs are pulling some purse-strings..
Mind you, with the Conservative/LibDem coalition announcing cuts to the budget of the NHS, and plans for further privitisation.. we here in Britain will have much to think on as our resident population ages, as we all do..
Something more topical and worth watching, is the unexpected appearance of 'Baby Doc Duvallier' in ravaged Haiti.. a country still reeling from the effects of bad government and natural disasters..
But it's been an unusual winter worldwide, thus far.. Snowfalls unprecedented have closed Europe, Britain, Scotland, for days this past holiday season.. Australia's flooding is catastrophic for those in and around Brisbane..
The cost of this weather cannot be counted precisely.. and it's left us all wondering what could next year be bringing us...
We are creatures of habit, and it's unnerving to see something as constant as our weather changing, even subtly.. The thought of having to adapt, is a great concern.. Coping with the cost adds to the weight of the situation..
It must be mentioned, that wherein 'chat rooms' were a source of popular opinion in the past, they have lost the thread somewhere in the vicarious joy of insulting strangers, and endless 'hello's' and 'goodbyes'..
Pity, that..
More to come.

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