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Monday, January 31, 2011

Now Egypt.
The recent events across the top of Africa have given rise to great concern in some circles.. We have still to see what's to happen in Syria..
The problem is Israel. Their peace treaty with Egypt had about a thirty year shelf life, and oddly enough, that time is up.. And if Hosni bows out after 30 years in power, the next government may not be so friendly. The Muslim Brotherhood's Party has significant popularity.

Add that to Palistinian displeasure with their government, since the leak of documents indicating the Palistinians were willing to discuss some Israeli expansion into Gaza..
Africa's a hotpot at the moment. It would be reasonable to think exports from much of that area are cut back. The cocoa situation in Ivory Coast has been mentioned earlier..

An era may soon come to an end. Nelson Mandala's not well. Mind you he's what..91?
It's been interesting to watch public opinion, and public attention on and about Mandala has evolved over the years. He was a political extremist, a terrorist, definately a murderer when he was sentenced to Roben Island. But perhaps the credit belongs to Winnie, who never stopped trying to effect his release. She raised public awareness of aparteid from alpha to omega..
But now the man is old and frail..
One wonders why Steve Biko didn't raise a vox populi..

Oddly, indications are that in the countryside, support for Hosni is strong. They're quite happy with the way he's dealt with their particular problems..

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