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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Interest rates are rising, as had to be expected.. The rate of inflation appears to have been underestimated by the Exchequer.. Mind you, while we're superficially better off than the EU.. it's going to hit those on Benefits and the 'working poor' the most almost to the point pensioners would be freezing, were it to get any colder..heating oil and gas have risen a staggering 49%.. while we pay the highest for retail goods in in Europe.. Students have been massing in protest of increases in tuition fees.. and while not quite Paris, the 'voice of the people' has turned against the government..
But we're civilised about it.. for the most part..
One has to wonder, that without any doctoring of the figures with abstractions and momentary variation.. what the true unemployment figures are..

'Baby doc''s been arrested in Port au Prince.. he has so many outstanding charges against him one could paper a room..
But he's old, and frail.. and has a return ticket to Paris..
If, by some remote chance the man rally's Haiti's people..and it's to be remembered he ruled 25 years ago, and memories can tend to be short.. then may the gods turn their eyes away from that island..
Malevolent creatures, these gods can be.. to imply that man could heal the country..
That's cruelty beyond reason..

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