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Monday, January 31, 2011

Seems the government isn't too concerned with it's popularity, while it pares down the massive debt this country is staggering under.. New tax laws indicate that theww quarters of a million British workers will shoulder a new burden with the new levee due to start on the 5th of April. The averale family, or for that matter singles, will pay £200 more p.a. to support this austerity move..
A bitter pill for those who voted LibDem.. One wonders what effect that will have come the next election, for certainly, it will get worse.
Just as a side note, those less fortunate, some 250 thousand, will payless tax..

Egypt continue to be a problem.
One indication has been the increase in the price of oil.. soon to be reflected in British homes as they grow colder, and British motorists who will soon be paying £4 per gallon.. And that figure will also rise..

One of the basic problems with globalisation, is the lack of attention to those countries outside the EU, and the West in general. We are living in a society that polarizing the rich and the poor. A sweet sixteen party for a wealthy girl can cost upwards of $100 thousand dollars, not including the £100 thousand spent on a Jaguar for the girls present from her parents..
How many children are raised with 'expectations'.. those who live at home off their parents income through those who have the world given to them on a platter by the 'haves'..
We live in a fantasy world these days, and when the bubble bursts, it will be catastrophic.

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