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Thursday, January 20, 2011

While the government has released figures indicating another 49 thousand of us lost jobs in the quarter ending last November, putting the number of new claims for Council Benefits as a watermark.. That, says the government, means officially 2.5 million workers, aren't..
One might wonder though, if that calculation includes those barred from benefits for, say, quitting their last job.. or those who simply live on family these days, inured to a system which simply hasn't places for all, and waiting for a post to fall in their lap.. or those on disability for whatever medical condition gives them a pension..
It was suggested today by the old fellows in the pub that the true figure would show that fully a quarter of those who were once part of the workforce now are 'not working' for the government, paid fortnightly..
Some have made a career of it.. and so many.. too many.. are in their early twenties.

Keeping an eye on China?
Their growth figures are impressive, and despite a blip last Friday, their market appears strong.. And a figure of 10% is not bad, ever better than expected, in GDP.. And while there are already a dozen or so American retail chains already on the mainland.. the talks between Barack and Jintao will be pointed, and somewhat in China's favour..

It would appear that the government is re-thinking it's proposal to give the franchise back to prison inmates, should their sentence be 4 years or less..
It would be natural for us to be somewhat bemused by the suggestion.. for certainly when one is sentenced to prison, one loses the privileges afforded those who keep the law..
A dangerous precedent to give prisoners a voice in the government..

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