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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A journalistic feast is underway already, as the pundits cue to have their opinions broadcast or read.. we wait for Tuesday, and Barack's State of the Union Address..
What we can be certain of, is 'the economy' will be central, and his government is going to tout bi-partisan cooperation in the House and Senate, the common ground being the recovery.. It's likely that he'll call on the workforce to improve the quality of their products and services, while perhaps suggesting educational programs to produce a trained second team to fill the gaps.. He'll be outlining his plan for a strengthening 'recovery'.. his plans for new growth in the Far East..
These topics are a given though.. to go farther would put us into speculation..

An interesting development.. Pope Benedict XVI has called on priests to be more diligent as they council a couple before marriage.. And that indeed, the Sacrament can be denied, should the indications of an unhappy union become evident during the mandatory counselling sessions..
Seems the Church is going to flex some muscle.. discomfit some of the faithful while perhaps attracting a young mind looking for a decisive direction..
Perhaps we'll see a return to the Vulgate Mass, making the whole experience for the majority totally mysterious again..

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