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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Interesting, this 'essential' relationship Barack and David have agreed on, as it pertains to the UK/US relationship.. It speaks volumes to diplomats around the world, indicating the dependance Barack has on those Americans with British backgrounds as a voting base, and the dependance Britain has on the American market.
The joint article published in the Times.. the two leaders stressed ""The reason it..(the relationship) thrives is because it advances our common interests and shared values. It is a perfect alignment of what we both need and what we both believe."
They continued to say that whith this accord, the rest of the world can be more secure, and prosperous..
In this current economic climate, one wonders when this accord will have some visible effects..
It will be very interesting to hear what Barack has to say, when he addresses both the Houses tomorrow in Westminster..

Here, as tax revenues declined, April borrowing, leaving out bank bailouts and the such, rose by some £3.5 billion pounds higher than expected by most analysts.. That represents 60.1% of projected GDP.. Inflation in the UK has risen to 4.5%.. and if economic growth does not expand, it's going to get worse yet..
And to add insult to injury, Moody's says there is weakening in the banking sector, and it's eyeing us for a drop in credit rating. Any downgrade could up the interest on any borrowing our financial institutions might be considering..
Just what we need..

New York has just lost at least one visitor to that city.. It's instituted an outdoor smoking ban..
Beaches, municipal parks, even Times Square, are now smoke free..
This popular, or unpopular movement, depending on your view.. is a blatant infringement of personal rights.. a blow against significant taxpayers, the tobacco vendors, producers, and farmers.. Not to mention the consumers themselves..
It is abhorrent for a government to turn into a 'nanny'.. and when legislation is introduced which reduces personal freedom.. it spells the end of more than just smoking outside, but it raises the question 'what will they turn their eyes to next'?

This Islandic volcano may cause more problems than first thought.. some 500 flights have been cancelled to date, and British airports won't get closer to an all clear begore one o'clock Wednesday morning..Services at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Barra, Prestwick, Cumbernauld, Tiree, Carlisle and Durham Tees Valley are the one's currently affected.. not to mention those in Europe.. But south-westerly winds were predicted for the next two days which would move the cloud away from the UK.
One can only hope..

Now while refusing to give 'financial advice' to those among his followers who gave their money and belongings to others in expectation of the Rapture.. Harold Camping has revised his end of the world to the 21st October this year. He said, that upon reading his Scriptures, he had not taken into account the 'merciful aspect' of his God, who's allowing a 5 month break from the Tribulation for those who want to convert..
If at first you don't succeed...

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