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Friday, May 06, 2011

While NATO forces continue their bombardment of Mohammar's government forces from the air, the Libyan Opposition Party has delivered a 'road map' for the country, once Gaddafi's been removed. This would include an interim government, comprised of some of the technocrats now in Gaddafi's regime, a group of senior rebel army generals and advisers, and a Supreme Court Judge.. they would hold power while a Constitution was drawn up and voted upon my the Libyan peoples, to be followed by General open elections..
The 22 countries currently supporting the Libyan uprising have approved the plans, and most have pledged more cash for the rebels, to be used for humanitarian purposes the likes of food and medicines, and the re-establishment of a day to day infrastructure..
Still, there appears to be a stalemate, with the rebels controlling most of the west of the country, and those loyal to Mohammar controlling the east..

Meanwhile, Syrian government forces have killed at least 13 people, as the protests continue despite the government crackdown..Of course President Assad says he is taking 'decisive' action against terrorists and dissidents.. and he is indeed.. the death toll in Syrian protests has passed the 500 mark.. and still, the populace takes to the streets..
And what we, meaning the West, doing about it..? Well we've frozen the assets of at least 13 highly placed Syrian diplomats and businessmen.. and the UN Security Council has announced there is a good possibility of sanctions..
That's about it.
Now the Syrian people are asking for electoral reforms, and some for the removal of the present government.. Their complaints revolve around the disparity between the uber-rich, and the uber-poor.. and in a country with such an impressive GDP, it would seem those demands are sensible..
But again, we're dealing with a Middle Eastern mindset, in which 'baksheesh makes the world go round'.. just as it has for millennia..
It would be quite a surprise of the government didn't react in the manner they have.. it's always worked in the past...

In the Scottish elections, held yesterday, the SNP has dislodged the LibDems from most of their seats, and has managed a majority government..
Now, Alex Salmond, the leader of the Scottish National Party, has always been dedicated to separation of this country from Great Britain, and what this will mean for the Scottish people, is likely yet another referendum on the issue of leaving the Union.. Just when this vote will be held has not been announced, but with Alex in firm control of the National Assembly, the odds are it will be within two years or so..
The Nationalists took many seats Labour thought were impregnable in this vote.. although the Conservatives were hit as well, and the LibDems so hard that they're not a factor in this new Assembly..
However, it's one thing to vote SNP for our National Assembly... and quite another to vote the same in a General Election to send representatives to Westminster..
Labour, the LibDems, and the Tories, are looking hard at the strategies they'll put in place in three years time...

Commodity prices took a whack yesterday, with most of the selloff concentrating on the oil sector.. Brent Crude fell to $105Am in early trading, as the profit taking trend and the rise in the value of the American dollar continued.. but recovered to above $110Am by the afternoon session..
Gold remained steady though.. and while analysts say the price of oil could indeed fall below $90Am a barrel as the market fluctuates, that eventuality will depend on world demand..
Other commodities, the likes of wheat and cocoa, are still holding firm, and might still offer a good return on investment at the current price..
Just look at the price today, of a chocolate bar...

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