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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Rumours.. speculation.. questions abound concerning the death of Osama bin Laden..
That he was not killed.. that he wasn't even there.. that the DNA sample taken from bin Laden's body was in fact that of his sister who died of cancer last year.. The fact he was quickly buried at sea.. mind, Saudi Arabia refused the body when it was offered to them for burial, and Shari'a Law demands a funeral before the setting of the sun on the day of the death, and that in itself was merely the US following that Law, to display the fact this is not a 'war' on Islam, but still a 'war on terrorism'...
Even the reports received from government sources are ambiguous.. saying now that the Pakistani government was not informed of the raid because of American fears bin Laden would be warned.. Yet the Pakistani President yesterday announced they were indeed warned foreign troops would be 'invading'..
The picture itself, which was posted on this site yesterday, is now subject to doubt, with those taking part in the attack itself saying there was little or nothing left of Osama's head to be photographed..
This entire scenario is becoming a field day for conspiracy theorists, and if no further proof is offered by those in power.. those who have the 'knowledge'.. there will be constant speculation as to whom was killed..

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, there are fears this killing will be the excuse the American forces need to begin a withdrawal.. The White House is saying that their fight im with the Taliban.. that al Q'aida was only a secondary target.. and Taliban forces are still active throughout the area.
Suicide bombings are a daily occurrence in Pakistan and Afghanistan.. the threat posed by the Taliban still exists in those countries the likes of those mentioned, with countries such as Syria and Iraq acting as staging platforms..
The 'war on terror' is far from over, and it would be blind optimism to expect that the US and Britain are now safe from attack...

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