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Friday, May 20, 2011

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is 'disappointed' with Barack, after the American President opened a rather large can of worms with yesterdays speech on the changing diplomatic relationships in the Middle East.. as mentioned, Barack suggested that Israel revert to 'pre-1967' borders, allowing a de facto Palistinian State to form in Gaza and the West Bank. It would seem Barack had forgotten that Israel has been firmly against Palestinian control of these areas, and in fact has thousands of Israeli settlers in them. Or he chose to ignore those facts.. hoping perhaps the Israeli's would too.
They will meet this afternoon for discussions, and while the topic was meant to be concerning American/Israeli relations, this bombshell of Baracks' will, likely, dominate the talks..
Oh to be a fly on the wall for this one..
This is a late update.. and will be brief.. Netanyahu left the talks he had with Barack this afternoon, saying 'there were differences'.. Somewhat curt, but speaking volumes..
More to come..

And Baracks' speech has Syrian President Assad, who's forces are, as we read, doing their level best to put down a popular revolt, up in arms. Reports are that he's accusing the US of 'meddling' with an entirely internal matter..
"Obama's speech confirms the reality of American intervention in the internal affairs of the region's countries, including Syria," is the quote released by Bashar to the Syrian media..
He has a point. American, and NATO involvement in the matters of the Middle East could well be said to be seen as a 'humanitarian imperative'.. that we are simply allowing the voice of the people to be heard and protecting those who cannot protect themselves from the forces of a corrupt regime.. but meanwhile, behind political and diplomatic hands, one can almost hear the words 'Monroe Doctrine' and 'manifest destiny'..
We are doing that which we would not allow, should it happen to be us. Case in point, Scotland, under a devolution government, will go to the polls to vote again, for the third time, on the issue of separation from the Union. While we have the right to determine this issue peacefully, this legislative right was granted following centuries of bloodshed. We saw in the States, the Civil War. Our own history is peppered with movements fomented by 'popular demand' and moral imperatives which reflect our particular, and to a large portion of the rest of the world, pollyanna view of 'right'.
Many are of the mind, that while we should finish that which we've started in the Middle East,when that's done, we should turn to minding our own house and leave the Middle East to mind it's to speak..

Something to keep an eye on..
Chinese leader Hu Jintao welcomed the Prime Minister of Pakistan to China, as 'an old friend'.. Youseff Gilani's in Beijing, modestly proclaiming Pakistans' 'all weather friendship' with the Chinese..
This, at a time when American/Pakistani relations are at a new low, while they hash out who did what and said what to whom over the killing of Osama..
Barack may be leafing through his Q'ran.. looking for some Sura or other that preaches against Communist systems of government..
And while diplomacy is diplomacy after all, it is somewhat strange for a Theocracy the likes of Pakistan to be among the list of Chinas' 'old friends'.
Nuclear capabilities have clout, apparently..

Time to eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow...
Well, according to Harold Camping, an 89 year old Radio evangelist in the States, the world will come to an end tomorrow..
He also said the world would end in September, back in 1994. Interesting though, that the O.J. Simpson trial did start that day.. he said at the time he was 99.9% sure though..
This time, he's saying the old Rapture was a 'mathemetical error', and this new date's the one for the start of the Tribulation..
Something to look forward to for the weekend...

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