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Saturday, May 21, 2011

It was a solid, if defensive stance that Israel's President Netanyahu took when facing reporters after his meeting with Barack..
He stated categorically, that a return to Isaeli borders pre-1967, was not up for consideration. Israel, in that war, took control of Gaza, the West Bank,and the Golan Heights.. and to date there are some half million Israeli citizens living in those areas. Benjamin said there could be some concessions to the Palestinians, who want to make Gaza and the West Bank a Palestinian State, but there would be no ceeding of territory from Israel as it now stands, to provide for such a State.
Benjamin reiterated there were Israeli settlements in those area.. that a slit state would be impossible to defend.. that Hammas is in control of Gaza and is a recognized terrorist organization, and Fatah's not entirely trustworthy either.. It was pointed out that these groups have pledged themselves to the eradication of Israel..
And what this has done, has left the US in a cleft stick situation.. where they must support Israel as the one firm ally the West has in the area, but they've put diplomatic commitment into keeping the Palestinian people satisfied that something is being done.
When all is said and done, it would be a safe bet that Israel will keep it's territory intact.. but this Palestinian objection to it, will least as long as Benjamin Netanyahu remains in power..

Meanwhile, Syrian troops have killed at least 30 protestors as Syrians again took to the streets after Friday prayers.. These rallies, across the country, come a day after Barack told President Assad to 'get out'..
This uprising has world opinion completely behind it, but is facing a well armed force loyal to the government..
Oddly like Libya.. but without NATO blowing targets in Damascus..

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