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Sunday, May 01, 2011

A Libyan government spokesman has announced that a NATO air strike has killed the youngest son of Gadaffi, Saif al Arab.. According to the announcement, saif had been a student in Germany, and had only returned to Libya a few weeks ago... adding it was a deliberate attempt to assassinate Mohammar himself. Apparently three of his grandchildren were killed as well, and journalists have confirmed that while they saw no bodies, the Palace which was bombed was 'gutted', and it was inconceivable how anyone could have survived. However, the government spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, indicated both Mohammar and his wife were in the building, but came though the bombardment unharmed..
This had to happen eventually... that Gaddafi and his family were in the line of fire had to be understood by the Libyan leader. It merely emphasizes the fact that Western forces are determined to remove him from power..

Meanwhile, in Syria. reports are that six more civilians have been killed, as government forces stormed a Mosque in Deraa, which reportedly was used by the protesters to organize their marches..
The government attack was supported by tanks, and soldiers are apparently posted on the roof of the Mosque, to keep those involved in the protests away.
Now, for a Muslim government to attack a Mosque is tantamount to a Western government attacking a Church.. it would have been inconceivable a few months ago, and could lead to religious leaders joining in the movement to oust President Assad..
Activists have announced that some 138 members of the ruling Ba'ath Party have resigned because of the measures taken by Assad's forces against it's own people..
Further, eleven women have been arrested and detained during their protest in the capital city of Damascus..
This movement in the Middle East against the powers that be, can only be fueled by the actions of the governments of the various countries being affected by popular dissent.. and there will be a downstream effect felt here in the West, as supply lines are cut by sanctions the UN Security Council must apply..
It would seem to be, that the Middle East is crawling out of the Middle Ages, and the various populations are quite willing to lay down their lives to end traditions which have been in place for centuries..
It happened in the West during the 18th and 19th centuries, and is now taking place in the Levant.
And once the ball is rolling, the established governments will either offer major concessions, or fall. There are no other options.

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