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Friday, April 29, 2011

The UN Security Council is to meet this afternoon, to discuss sanctions against Syria, and the government of President Assad.. Thousand have taken to the streets in protest against that regime, and some of them won't be going home again.. Reports are that at least 15 have been shot and killed by government forces in the southern city of Deraa, however the protests have spilled over to many other cities, including the Capital Damascus..
It will be interesting, the reaction from the UN in this case.. As revolutions sweep around the north of Africa and into those countries by the Red Sea, exactly what role the UN can play is moot..
It's a situation that could well dismay those on the Security Council.. the idea of sending foreign troops in to help the rebels is something not even to be considered, yet our Western sense of morality demands something be done, when a government turns against it's own people..
A sticky situation, to say the least..

Yet more destructive weather has left it's mark on the US... 183 people killed as twisters tore through the southern States, an unprecedented weather system has yet to come to an end..
Barack's gone down to see the damage, but while those in mourning may well appreciate the gesture, they know full well even the President can't control the weather.
What they may well be interested in though, is what money the Feds will release for reconstruction, and just how quickly those funds will be available..
Some are still waiting in New Orleans, after more than two years...

More later..

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