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Sunday, April 03, 2011

When will this insanity finally come to an end...?
A 25 year old Police Officer was killed in Omagh no less, by yet another car bomb..
This sectarian violence inspires the most virulent senses of outrage..
And that this has been going on for decades...
Utterly contemptible..

The word from our Foreign Minister, William Hague, is that this conflict in Libya will not end in a 'stalement'.. although just what more can be done to oust Mohammar without foreign troops on the ground is unknown.
The problem being, the 'freedom fighters' are disorganised.. fragmented.. poorly armed..They need military leadership to coordinate their attacks, which are, at the moment, seemingly at the whim of those driving the trucks they have their weaponry mounted on.
If the West is going to oust Gadaffi, then it must come that we go at the venture wholeheartedly.. If not, then we are looking at a conflict that will continue for some time, and likely end in the defeat of the rebels..
It's a case of having the bowel movement, or getting off the pot..

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