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Saturday, April 16, 2011

There has been a statement made by Andrew Murray, the Chairman of the 'Stop the War Coalition'.. made on the 18 of March this year, to the effect that the Arab League was behind the move to oust Mohammar, and comments have followed by those who share the sentiment that this war should be ended.. that the West has no place, regardless of UN approval, in the attacks on Libya..
In regards to the statement by Murray, he implies that the 'other Arab despots' are merely trying to cement their own positions in power...
What absolute tripe.
To go on with Murray's article, he states boldly that "Attacking Libya and sponsoring the Gulf oligarchies invasion of Bahrain, to prop up the threatened monarchy there.. under the noses of the US Fifth Fleet, are of a piece. They represent a concerted effort by the Western powers to first control, and then bring a halt to the Arab revolutions, leaving the essentials of Imperial power in the Middle East in place."
Again, what absolute tripe...
But, for those interested in reading Murray's thoughts.. go to
The position Murray's taken denies the will of the Arab peoples themselves. They want outside help in removing those selfsame oligarchies, or turning their form of governments into constitutional monarchies..
They have specifically asked for NATO airstrikes to increase in Libya, and are expressing their dismay at the fact there's not more being done.
And as for the US.. Barack's desperately trying to keep his country at a distance, limiting their involvement.. The President has diminished US involvement, to the point at which Britain and France have had to figuratively 'poke' the other NATO allies, the likes of Canada and Italy, to increase their involvement...
Far from being an intrustion into Arab affairs, this action in Libya was started by the Libyans themselves, and they sought help, and it's been provided as far as the limitations imposed by Resolution 1973.
And far from discouraging other Middle Eastern countries to revolt, the coalition has merely stood back as far as other countries are concerned, waiting for the populace to make their wishes known..
Murray also states that Britain's involvement is merely to protect BP's oil interests in the Middle East, specifically Libya, and that, also, is risible..
Those who would stop the wars around the world, are pitching at windmills, and not taking into account the wishes of the peoples of the individual countries involved.
Contrary to the thoughts of some, this is not a movement towards a 'New World Order', but a movement towards allowing self rule for those who have never had it.
We take a lot for granted here in the West, primary among which is 'democracy'.
If there is anything we can do towards allowing those who do not have this privilage to acquire it, we should be pursuing their individual causes with all our resources..
The latest news is that Mohammar's now using cluster bombs against the 'freedom fighters'.. contrary to a ban agreed to by more than 100 countries...
What more proof do we need, that those who are under armed, under trained, yet overly enthusiastic, need our aid in deposing a Dictator who's ruled with impunity for 41 years...?

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