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Friday, April 01, 2011

Seldom has an absolute act of idiocy had such repercussions..
Evangelical Pastor Terry Jones burned copies of the Q'ran outside his church in Florida.. He made no secret about it, and due to the First Amendment to the American Constitution, there was absolutely nothing the Law could do to stop it..
This is reminiscent of the splinter Evangelical family, who pickets the funerals of soldiers..
But the Law is the Law, and while it also guarantees the right to religious freedom, it also guarantees the right to free speech and assembly..
That that protects the American equivalent of Al Q'aida.. organisations based on hate and condemnation of those who disagree with their particular doctrine..
Vilification reflects on those who vilify.. and little more can be said..
But this act of hatred against Islam, has resulted in the deaths of seven UN workers.

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