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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Government forces have killed at least one, as protests continue in Syria... This killing was in Homs, the 3d largest city in the country, as thousands took to the streets.. Activists have said that about 200 had been killed by government troops over the weeks of protests, aimed at ending the government of President Bashar al Assad.
The government had told it's populace that it would not tolerate an 'armed insurrection'.. yet reports are that while there were protests, none involved were toting weapons..
Saturday there was an announcement that a 50 year State of Emergency was going to be lifted, and several political prisoners had been set free..
These protests put the unrest in Libya almost to the sidelines.. This country is key in bringing together three elements opposed to Israel.. Hammas in Gaza, Iran, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and several other fringe radical groups.. Another factor in this, is the element of stability Syria has offered to Lebanon, and if there is continuing uprisings in Syria, it could affect not only the alliances of the aforementioned radical groups, but the government of Lebanon as well..
Israel's keeping this situation under close scrutiny, for in it's case, it's the Devil you know against the possibility of another they don't...
This movement in the Middle East puts the American refusal to involve themselves in Libya in an entirely different light... There are those who have said that the US is NATO, and without Baracks' support, all will come to naught, and indeed that we should be out of the area completely, leaving the chips to fall as they may.. However, British military personell, at least 10 of them, will be sent to Benghasi to act as 'advisors' to the rebel forces... This move is without the consent of the US, but with the consent of the UN National Security Council...
This shortsighted view may well be typical of many Americans, but even that being the case, NATO itself has an obligation to bring this situation in Libya to a speedy end, so world attention can be turned to other countries in which change is fermenting...

More later..

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