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Thursday, April 21, 2011

It would seem that Britain has a problem... new government figures suggest some 80 thousand of us are on Incapacity Benefit, because of drug, alcohol, or obesity problems.. and more than a quarter of those hadn't had a proper job in over a decade...
In all though, there are 2 million Brits on that benefit... quite a percentage of the 'workforce', so to speak..
According to our Employment Minister, Chris Grayling,
"It is not fair on anyone for this situation to continue. Far from being the safety net it should be, the benefits system has trapped thousands of people in a cycle of addiction and welfare dependency with no prospect of getting back to work.We have already started reassessing everyone on incapacity benefit and will support people with addictions to help them back to work."
Best of British luck there, Chris...
One would think the first order of business, should be getting those capable and willing to work, back on the job. And that means, job creation. And that means, attracting new business either from within or from without by foreign investment...
After there are jobs to go to, worry about those on benefits who perhaps should not be... After all, the savings to the government of a cull of benefit recipients would add a mere pittance, in relative terms, to the Treasury...
We have more pressing problems to deal with...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, two award winning photographic journalists were killed in Misrata yesterday... Tim Heatherington, a British photographer, was killed by an RPG, while American Chris Hondros was also killed in the same attack..
According to a friend of Tim's, his last Twitter was..."No NATO in sight"..
While it's to be expected a war correspondents life would constantly be in danger, it's served the purpose of letting the world know, that there is no ceasefire, and that Gaddafi's willing to salt the earth in Misrata to reclaim the city..
How much longer..?

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