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Friday, April 01, 2011

Collateral damage has such a callous ring to it, and the deaths of seven civilians, as repored by a doctor in Tehran falls into that category exactly.We've even killed our own troops before by mistake, more than many on occasion.. and Mohammar himself is responsible for far, far more..
And again, it begs the question, if those who were killed while being human shields around military installations, then they must be aware some will die. Again, as they chose to serve with their lives, makes them combatants..
A quandary..

Meanwhile in Syria, there have been spontanious protests spring up in a number of cities..protesting the killings of ten protestors over the two weeks of unrest..
So far today, government troops have managed to kill three more..
It's somewhat incomprehensible for the Western Mind to imagine what life in these countries is, has been for centuries, a tribal culture.. and the importance of the setting aside of these various tribal differences cannot be ignored.. It's a major step in a fundimental change in 'national' identity..
Now, whether it will be a permanent change, or merely a moral truce, is moot.
One would hope for the youth movement swing towards patriotism, for Syria's right to popular government.. But who can say what sway tradition plays in this part of the world, how much it will be brought to the fore in the establishment of a new 'popular' and stable government..
Friday is planned as the 'Day of the Martyrs'.. which would indicate the protestors must be aware of the possibility they would be killed, and in some numbers if necessary... a figurative sacrifice of the front ranks of all the marches..
One wonders when the UN will turn it's Security Coulcil's eye on that situation..
There's been a moral precident set, wherein the west is bound to help those attacking what's seen as a corrupt regime..
What have we stepped in here...
Syria itself has oil, but's peak in the 1980's has been followed by a steady decline.. In 1980 the per capita average wage was over 12 Syrian Pounds.. Today, it's 3.70, with inflation somewhere near 120 percent.. Again, what's driving these people to rebel... the motor of the whole shebang, is a drive for better living conditions, and a Western style of life, if not government..
It's the French and/or the American Revolutions in countries that had, until there was global instant communication, no idea what they could have themselves.. education.. and power..
The Ivory Coast was among the first to rebel, and form a government(sic).. and they still fight running battles.. A quiet change, as is being seen in Egypt, is not going to be the norm throughout these nations involved in Civil Wars..
But 'the Day of Martyrs' has such an emotive kick to it..

More later while the digestion process continues on the ultimate value of yesterday's London meeting..

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