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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Japan has responded to the recent disasters, by downgrading it's growth figures for the first time in six months..
In addition to the obvious problems at the Fukujima Diiachi Plant, the rolling blackout caused by decreased power source is affecting manufacturing and export.. Supply lines are down.. with parts of the infrastructure severely damaged..
What this will mean for North America, is further cutbacks in automotive production, leading possibly to temporary layoffs.. It also affects the balance of trade between North America and Japan.. with only two of the Eastern ports open, and three closed due to contamination..
It's surprising to some, the interdependence between Japan and the US and Canada... it's always been a steady stream of raw materials going and finished parts coming back.. but not so at the moment...
The downstream effects of all this, in all three countries, will be hard felt...

Just a couple of days ago, the African Congress called for NATO to 'step down' it role in the Libyan civil war... Yet today, a new 'coalition group, which includes the Arab League and the newly recognized 'freedom fighters' representatives has issued a statement that Mohammar has run his course, and should bow out of the picture.. There's also been a call from both the rebels and France, for increased NATO involvement in this conflict.. implying that countries the likes of the Netherlands and Italy should be more aggressive in their contribution..
This new 'coalition' has left the door open for even more support for the rebels, and while not saying outright that they should be supplied with arms, materiel, and money, that such would not be a bad idea...
One can be sure, as said before, that French and British arms are finding their way into rebel hands.. and the next logical step would be to send in 'advisers' to organize the rebels into a true fighting force...
Does VietNam ring any bells...?

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