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Friday, April 01, 2011

It's interesting, the American take on the 'defection' of Moussa Coussa, spelt, by the way with only one 's' in both names.. The CIA is taking the man and draining him of all information, from the Lockerbie bombing, to the release of Abdul Al Magrahi from a Scottish jail. Certainly, it would appear, that any deal that might be cut will depend on what information on Mohammar's Inner Circle might be wrung out of the former diplomat..
The British take is by far more subdued.. less angry and more pleased such a high official in the Gadaffi regime has decided to resign, and defect..
Mind you, there's also a Scottish Court that wants to talk to Coussa, concerning Lockerbie.. and that Court will likely take precidence over an extradition request from the US..
However, there remains a chance that Coussa will stand trial(s), in order of precidence...

And just a sidenote here.. prescription charges, the fee one pays to the distributors and payed on to the NHS, have been abolished in Scotland as of today. We now join Wales and Northern Ireland who've also abolished prescription charges..
In England, the pharmacy will charge £7.40 per item, plus the cost of the medicine itself.. and there are as yet no plans for the government to fund such a as the rest of the Island has opted for...

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