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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Problems continue at the stricken Fukujima Diiachi nuclear facility.. As the flow of radioactive iodine continues to spread worldwide, local levels continue to rise, now at 4,385 times the danger level in the sea off the reactors.. Just how quickly them can stem the direct flow of pollution from the 4 damaged reactors is yet unannounced, but it remains a concern that will soon be found right around the Pacific Rim, a problem that could affect industries from Alaska to California.. Soon will come the allocation of responsibility for the loss of revenue from foreign industries affected by this disaster.. and that could add billions of dollars to the rebuilding process for Japan.. Meanwhile, as the seaports on the west of Japan remain closed, with only two of five still operational, the auto industry in North America has already felt the pinch.. Toyota Canada has cut all overtime, GM and Chrysler in Detroit have already announced a weeks closure, all for lack of parts usually supplied by Japanese manufacturers. The IAA has already recommended the Japanese government to extend the exclusion zone to double the current 20 kilometers around the plant, and until there is some positive news about the direct leaks from the reactors, this situation will only worsen.. In Libya, it appears the lack of military infrastructure is forcing the 'freedom fighters' to retreat from recent advances.. The fact is, that while they're willing to topple the regime of Mohammar, there's no central command to coordinate attacks and strategic withdrawals.. something that may well soon change.. Washington is remaining quiet about Barack's reference to the possibility of covert military help for the rebels, but it would seem that without outside help, this uprising could well be forced back to Benghazi, where they began.. And, it has been announced that the latest defector from Gadaffi's Cabinet will not be allowed Diplomatic Immunity, which means Moussa Koussa is still under threat of action against him by the International Court.. However, although his influence in the activities of Mohammar's government has diminished over the past year or so..since a reported disagreement with one of Gadaffi's sons.. doubtless it will be taken into account that he has offered himself for debriefing by British Intelligence..

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