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Friday, March 25, 2011

Our world is changing, and rapidly at that..
North Africa in turmoil.. NATO now leading the air attacks in Libya now, with expectation of that coalition taking responsibility for ground action as well within the next couple of days... France still calling for an 'inner coalition', the 11 original member states that pushed for UN Resolution 1973, to hold responsibility for ground attacks.. this, to keep Qatar and the UAE still involved in the decision making process.. It will be a disappointment for Sarkozy, but doubtless some accomodation will be reached..
The leaders of the 'freedom fighters', as they now prefer to be called.. have asserted their victory, and while there is an arms embargo, one wonders how many French and British supplies are surrepticiously appeared in the beaches of Benghasi..
Meanwhile, the turmoil in the rest of the Middle East continues, with Yememi protestors shot and killed by government troops.. and thousands on the streets again today..
And while yesterday's budget here should see petrol prices come down, one must wonder how long this respite will last, as the major oil producing States begin cutting back production once again..

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