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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

It appears the Chinese government had been forced to promise some 200 million to build new homes, post haste.. They're facing a FannyMae/FreddieMac situation, with housing prices rising exponentially.. an average of 8% in the cities, and a staggering 25% in the smaller villages.. suburbs effectively..
One would have thought that this would be the result of increased demand by the new workforce who've left the rice paddies, educated themselves, and now want a piece of the pie.. and should have been integral in the plan China's followed so far in aping 'westernism'.. They left out the factor which allowed more and more to afford housing of their own, and of the demand for such accommodation..
It's been noticed that China appears to be following a series of five year plans. From the industrial beginning, to the competent use of the vast pool of talent that country possesses, to slow acceptance of US products and companies.. to entry well into the Western business world...but the question is, what next..?
Is there the remote possibility that the billions of Chinese rise, and demand the franchise..? Very doubtful one would think, their very lifestyle makes that possibility null..

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