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Thursday, March 17, 2011

It would seem the consensus among worldwide analysts is, that the situation at the Fukujima Power Plant, may well be beyond control. While all efforts are being made today to keep the reservoir tanks at reactor 3, including using helecopters to drop water into the containment vessel, they have to fly that high to escape the heavy radiation, that much of their loads are being dumped out of position.
Perhaps the worst fear, is what's going to happen when the depleated stores of rods heats to a critical point, melts the zirconium containment tubes, and dumps tons of nuclear waste into the air. To add to this, there's also the fear of the coolant level in the active tanks, for the same scenario could be seen there..
Also, adding to Japan's problems, the Yen has dropped to it's lowest level in decades, which will certainly affect it's international weight. Japan used to have the second highest economy in the world, but with the cost of boosting it's banks worldwide and the reconstruction effort, we could well see a considerable change in the world's economy overall.
And, to add to the problem, there are good possibilities more quakes are in the offing..

And finally, the UN Security Council has approved not only provides a nofly zone, but includes that provision which will allow for the 'reasonable protection' of the civilian government..
Thus, Benghasi's been saved at the very stroke...
This resolution has comitted British and French aircraft to do the job themselves for the time being, but Italy has announced it will allow the use of their airbases for the Eurofighters and bombers.. And what might be the fly in the ointment, the US has not comitted itself to active partake in this plan.
However, the Libyan Airforce counts out at 30 jets..
Not good odds..

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