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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An interesting conversation concerning the upcoming Canadian election..slated for May 2d..
The consensus seemed to be the Conservatives would take a majority away from this, perhaps for two reasons..
One is the personality of Michael Ignatiev, the Liberal leader, and the generally agreed incompetence of his Vice...
But perhaps the most galling point for the majority of Canadians apears to be Quebec, and the Liberals have been in talks with the Parti Quebecois, the Provincial government. They appear too friendly.
It's the same in Ontario aparently, with the Liberals sure to lose power, after decades in control. The Tories are the odds on favourite..
Canada's a country not spoken about often in the foreign news.. but it's the second largest in the world.. it's the largest exporter of grain in the world.. it's the second largest supplyer of gold in the world... the list coninues..
More should be reading the Toronto Globe and Mail.. or the Toronto Sun.. more often..

Japan appears to have given up on trying to salvage the Fukashima reactors one, two, and three, and will apparently talk to locals about shutting the entire operation down.. The highest levels of radioactive iodine yet have been recorded off the western coast of the island, and there continues to be leakage from the coolant tanks into the waters offshore..
They say it won't be long before a 'special substance' will be poured into the stricken reactors, sealing the leaks, thereby reducing the amounts of runoff..
If it's anything like Chernobyl, we'll see concrete filling the reactors in the near future, leaving the area uninhabitable for at least 20 years or so...
The Japanese government says though, that it's not giving up on nuclear power. But the next they build, will certainly be state of the art..

Britain's going to expel 5 Libyan dilomats, calling them a 'threat to national security'... But the bigger story is William Hague supporting the idea of actually and openly arming the 'freedom fighters'. There is little doubt the French have been surreptitiously doing exactly that for more than a week, but to openly support the uprising is tantamount to calling for an immediate regime change, regardless of cost to Libyan casualties. It's diect interference in what's essentially a civil war, and has far reaching consiquences..
For will we next see the same action in Syria.. or Zimbabwe.. or any other country at war with itself... Our moral position is tenuous at best..

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