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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It would seem the upset in the Middle East has hit home.. £1.30 a litre for unleaded petrol, and £1.35 for diesel.. Food prices have risen on this island by some 5%, driving more and more to generic brands. An interesting point, while we have the highest food prices in Europe, it's come out that discount grocery stores the like of Aldi, are used by only $.5% of our public, compared to say Germany, where those same outlets are used by 43% of the population.. It would seem the use of Tesco or Safeway or Morrisons, is ingrained in the British psyche. But this is not a temporary situation.
If this nonsense in the Middle East does not die down, the price of crude will continue to rise, with some analysts expecting $130 to $150 a barrel.. Brent Crude stands at $114 a barrel today, and that is risible..

As for Libya, Mohammar is defiant, as tens of thousands try to leave the country to escape what they see as an eventual armed conflict. David Cameron proposed a 'no fly' zone over Libya to control government forces from using aircraft and gunships against the population in the east of the country, which has effectively separated from the west. This is under serious consideration by the US and the UN, and would be tantamount to an armed response to oust Mohammar..

But by far, the effect these disruptions are having on the British man on the street, is starting to hit pocketbooks.
We've marched to war for less..

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